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Will Dean ever touch Cas' butt? The world may never know.


I’m just glad people aren’t making finding nemo references

Anonymous asked:
have you ever given drawing crowley a try? i bet he would look SO cute all chibified in your style!

I have for a couple of my doodle game sessions, but idk i’m not really that confident in drawing him





Celebratory giveaway because of some recent good news!!! uvu ♥♥ I realise all my samples are deancas but I swear I am willing to draw other things LOL;; 

I’ll be picking two winners!
1st winner: Choice of commission in any style found under my art tag
2nd winner:
Chibi commission 
**Commissions are limited to a max of 2 characters in a pic, sorry :-( 


You don’t have to be following me

Please have your ask box open!

Reblog as many times as you’d like but try to keep them spaced out/don’t spam your followers please : ) ! 

Likes count as entries too

Winners will be picked using a random number generator

This giveaway ends on 23rd April (GMT+8)! Have fun! (*´◒`*)ノ

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ah youre art is so beautiful!!!! i smile every time i see it on my dash thanks for drawing cutie ^u^


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I doodled a little hipster!cas based on prinzik's icons during fourth period uwu

For public use. [Sam] [Dean] [Cas]

Anonymous asked:
You should also do Kevin icons. (-: or did you already do that? idk //shrugs

No, I haven’t. & maybe! Maaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeee………….

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For public use. [Gabe] [Dean] [Cas]